For real tho…

What are you waiting on? What is stopping you? Are you hiding behind your weight and your unhealthiness? I sure was, making fun of myself in front of people about how unhealthy I ate was easier than changing it! I was scared to start a healthy journey because the fear of failing!

FullSizeRender 6

See I gained 30 lbs BEFORE getting pregnant, one because I was getting older but really it was because I was lazy! This is me in December 2015 @ 150 pounds! I am 5’5 a HEALTHY WEIGHT FOR ME IS AROUND 120!!

So not caring about my health and weight before pregnancy just got more when I was pregnant (you know the excuse to eat whatever I want)! On top of getting really depressed during pregnancy, I was set up to be the biggest and unhealthiest I have ever been my WHOLE LIFE! So that created a lot of health problems but it really caused some issues that would show thru not caring about the way I looked- I won’t wear makeup today-I don’t care how my hair looks- I don’t need new clothes I’ll wear jogging pants or leggings! See weight and unhealthiness steals our quality of life yall, keeps us from the things we use to love or care about, it causes depression! See I loved hair- I loved doing my makeup- and I loved new clothes and getting dressed up! What had happened? How did I get here!

I believe our outward appearance mirrors the condition of our mental, emotional and spiritual heath is in! If you notice when I talk about weight I talk about unhealthiness to! I am just sharing my journey with you! I don’t care what your weight is, question is are you balanced and healthy!! Are you whole and healed from stuff?? Or is it all a crutch! Have you just had a lazy season of letting yourself go!?

At my last pregnancy doctor’s appointment I weighed 205….. you read that right people! I was in such denial, I was so embarrassed I had let myself get to that point! I wouldn’t even let Jon know what my weight was (surprise babe that’s how much I weighed) the lie I believed was if he didn’t know the number I could keep being in denial, I could keep the excuses or convince myself I wasn’t that bad off!

So I had my angel in October 2016 an I thought once I have her I’ll be skinny…. hahahaha who was I kidding, my lifestyle didn’t change! I would have to go back in for after baby appointments and I would see the numbers weren’t going down!! I was still having the same health problems I had while I was pregnant! I was so much better emotionally and spiritually after I had her but my health was still stealing my Joy- it was stealing my spark I used to have!

FullSizeRender 5

January 13 2017 I was sick of it! It had been 3 months since being pregnant and my excuses were running out!! It was like a light switch clicked on! My weight at this point was 181 (gosh I hope this helps someone cause I’m airing out all my crap)

In 2 months I have LOST 15 lbs & 8 inches just around my stomach yall!!!! But I have my life back! I have passion and creativity!! I have CONTROL OVER MYSELF- myself isn’t controlling me!

NOT WERE I WANT TO BE BUT I AM ON MY WAY!! I am actually 16 pounds heavier than in my before picture (again its not about what the scale says anyway).. I AM HEALHY! I haven’t ever felt better in my life! Can’t imagine the way i will feel when I arrive to where God is taking me in this journey! We have to do our part first then we can ask God for a miracle! God wasn’t going to give me health as I’m shoving Krispy creme donuts in my mouth! Transformation happens from one little decision after another!!




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