Dear Lost “One”


It’s time to stop living your life like this! You have to admit this drug has ruined your life! You  have to realize it has taken everything from you!


Meth has chained you to its lies!

It tells you that just one snort won’t hurt, it tells you your not a drug addict, it tells you you look good in the mirror, it tells you no one is getting hurt, it tells you you can go to the drug house and not use!

It keeps begging you back, the fear of unknown sucks you back into the cycle and you keep giving your soul back to it over & over & over & over

It will only lead u to jail or dead!!

Your thoughts are- when will this end, everyone around me is stuck in the exact same cycle, everyone relapses… I will never break free…. Sitting behind my own prison walls begging for someone to save me!!

I am here to tell you I can’t save you, jail can’t save you, rehab can’t save you…but I can tell you it’s possible and who is the only one that can save you!!

God! Ask Him-then step where he says step, HE WILL LEAD YOU IF YOU LET HIM!

God says you are worth more, and that he has a purpose for your life! He is there to rescue you and to help you break free from this demon for good! How do I know? Because I did!! 15 years sober! I got a new beginning and God helped me put the pieces back together that I had shattered!

If you think about how far you have to go you won’t take the first step!! All you have to do is not use today… then repeat that for the rest of your life!


“for this son of mine was dead and has now returned to life. He was lost, but now he is found.’ So the party began.” Luke 15:24 NLT

NOW- watch God help you with your legal battles, watch God put your kids back in your life, watch God restore your health and beauty, watch God mend your broken relationships, watch God lead you to forgive the ones who did the unforgivable things to you!

Then it will be your turn to help rescue other people that are living in hell like you where because of this drug!

The rescued meth addict

Jessica Youngblood


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