Never say Never

DSC_0033When we started the adoption process we knew it was not going to be easy, crap being preggo and pushing a baby out of your V aint no walk in the park. It’s so worth it!! God’s ways are always higher than our own. We have always had a desire to adopt but to actually start the process has been so amazing. We just knew either our Daughter would come from a mom on facebook or we would go through an agency to get her that way! But what did I say earlier?? God’s ways are higher than our ways!


So when I posted about adopting alot of chicks posted and messaged me about fostering to adopt. I was like heck no, we would never want to do that! You want to read my list of excuses?

  1. I wouldn’t want to get attached
  2. I wouldn’t want a kid that has been abused to cause disfunction to our normal home
  3. I wouldn’t want the instability in my home of the kids in and out

Well there you have it there is 3 of my excuses that I have or fears that i have carried. Then a lightbulb went off in my head! God has been preparing us for the last like couple years for what He had for us! How has he done that? Let me give you  a list of ways God has PREPARED US and see if you think this is s0 freaking obvious that this is in our fate.

  1. My sister came and stayed with us for a couple weeks with her 2 babies, I loved them like they were my own…. and they went home….
  2. This chick came and lived with us for 6 weeks in her heroin addiction recovery, she had def walk through abuse and disfunction but God used our family to bring her much healing… and then she went home….
  3. Then Tanna and Ellie Jane came to stay with us, I had already loved them both as my own but having them in my home I loved them in even deeper ways…. YOU GUESSED IT…. THEY WENT HOME…….
  4. The latest sign that we got when we had a day to decide if we would take 2 precious little boys into our home for a week and love them like they were our own…. we did for sure…. THEY GO HOME TODAY…..

We had to provide them food, shelter and most of all we showed them Jesus. I have learned in these stories I can only obey what God asked me to do and plant seeds in these peoples life but I can’t control the outcome! Sound familiar, I feel like we have already had crash course on what fostering is like and so have are boys. Am I scared they will get attached, yes but what makes me less afraid is, how much love they will show a broken little girl an forever change her life.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, WE ARE GOING TO OUR FIRST FOSTER TO ADOPT MEETING SATURDAY!!